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EP Wealth Management Ltd provides a comprehensive financial planning service incorporating both your personal and business needs. Everything from arranging your mortgage and protection needs to long term retirement planning and investments. Our client relationships are built on mutual understanding, trust and a fantastic ongoing service that is both professional and friendly. You will always have the freedom to choose from a range of service-based financial planning propositions, designed to meet your individual budgetary requirement throughout each stage of the financial review and advice process.

Our History

With 28+ year experience in providing holistic independent financial advice to both retail & business clients based on their individual demands and needs. We pride ourselves on being client centric, delivering solutions that meet our clients aspirations whilst also providing them with sound good value for money products from reputable providers sourced through independent and whole of market research.

EP Wealth boasts a vast blend of collective experience as well as individual areas of expertise. We can offer advice to clients on financial matters relating to; Mortgage, buy to let, equity release, protection, pension, investment, Estate Planning, General Insurance, Group Risk/Health and Long-Term Care issues. We treat each one of our clients as an individual, addressing their concerns to a satisfactory conclusion is our top priority, we adopt a ‘blank canvas’ approach for each client we meet, catering to the need and will never be process driven.


We've worked with over 2,000 clients since 1992


We've saved our clients a combined total of over £5m


500+ active, pension, investment, and mortgage clients


Eddie Papazian

Dip PFS, Certs CII (MP & ER)

I am committed to providing clients with holistic financial advice, sourced independently from the whole market that best suits their needs & requirements, is within their attitude to risk & risk appetite and provides them with tax-efficient value for money products. Regular client servicing is also at the heart of what I do to ensure that any advice I give, will always remain relevant

I regard investments as a life journey where one seeks to accumulate wealth early on in life in the hope of achieving sufficient capital growth to make life more comfortable for themselves and family in latter years. I regard the most critical factor in this process to be that any fund(s) recommended are multi-asset and well diversified to spread risk, within client risk tolerance parameters in order to reduce volatility, risk and enhance capital growth potential.

These can be personal or workplace, defined benefit or defined contribution. Regardless, as well as helping clients to accumulate then drawdown funds in retirement in the most tax-efficient manner, I also like to use the technical skills acquired as a force for good where I have been able to prevent many clients from falling prey to unscrupulous scammers who’s only mission was to part them from their hard-earned safeguarded pension benefits I have put together a ‘trusted one stop shop’ where clients can feel safe and secure that we will always act in their best interests. This can be evidenced through testimonies received from our many satisfied clients. Please take some time to study these.


Whether you're a company, couple or an individual, we tailor your needs with our experience to find the perfect solution. View our services to see how we can help.
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