There can be many needs for saving or investment. Some are short term as in saving for an annual holiday, birthday or Christmas presents. Others such as saving for a Childs education, deposit for a house purchase or retirement may require more of a long term strategy.

Investing can often be referred to as a life journey consisting of many stages.

Wealth Accumulation

This is where clients wish to invest (from their income* or inherited money) into long-term capital growth investments and, may become accustomed to balancing risk and reward strategies whilst still having the capability to generate earned income*

*The income is not fixed and can go up or down.

Wealth Preservation

This is where clients are attuned to tax efficient products, as well as pension planning and financial planning to help preserve their wealth as their life circumstances change.

Income Provision & Enhancement

This is where clients reach the point when they need to draw income from the capital base they have accumulated. Now they look for income-seeking strategies to support them in later life.

Wealth Transfer

This is where clients may become more aware of the need to restructure their wealth so that they can pass it onto family or loved ones without also gifting the burden of inheritance tax (IHT) liabilities.

Existing Investment Products

You may already be aware of some existing investment products such as, unit trusts, ISAs, investment bonds & offshore bonds etc. It is likely that all of these products will contain a range of funds made up from different asset classes such as, equities (stocks), fixed-income (bonds) cash equivalents (money market instruments) real estate (bricks & mortar) and commodities (oil gas gold) etc. An investment portfolio will normally contain a range of asset classes in order to spread risk in a proportion consistent with that of the client’s attitude to risk

A client’s attitude to risk can be defined as the propensity to absorb short-term losses. This is an important factor and is taken into consideration when designing and recommending a suitable investment portfolio.Servicing and maintaining a client portfolio on a regular basis is a very important factor to ensure that it meets their needs at all different stages of their life cycle.

Please remember that the value of investments, and any income from them, can fall as well as rise so you could get back less than you invest.
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